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Play Therapy Zone

We all need help sometimes, especially our little ones. Play Therapy Zone in Grand Forks is a place where children can get that therapy.

Play Therapy Zone was founded in Fall 2006 to provide a specialized play therapy setting in Grand Forks and the greater Red River Valley. Specializing in children ages 2-12 and their families, PTZ aims to help children dealing with stress and/or trauma as a result of abuse, neglect, out of home placement, adoption, family change, bereavement or conflicts at school.

We also help children manage behavioral and emotional difficulties such as anger, anxiety, attachment and other relationship hardships, ADHD, depression and unsatisfactory social skills. Because trauma affects entire families, we began offering therapy for parents in 2010.

Fore more information including how to contact us confidentially, please check out PTZ’s website at www.playtherapyzone.com.

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