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Classic Movies Tonight and Every Friday in Sept.

Little Shop of Horrors

Do you have a movie lover or a budding Steve Spielberg? Then your child may get a kick out of the classic movies that are being shown around Grand Forks!

Tonight, Thursday, Sept. 1 at local bookstore, Ferguson Books & Media (Menard’s Strip Mall/32nd Avenue), it is classic movie night and tonight’s movie is “The 10th Victim”.  The 1965 movie will be shown at 7pm and admission is free.

Every Friday night in September the Greater Grand Forks Community Theater will be showing sci-fi and horror cult classics at the Fire Hall Theater – September Movie Mania. This Friday  the double feature is “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “The Last Man on Earth”$5/ticket (to both films) and it includes some free refreshments. The person wearing the best costume will win a free pass to the rest of the movies in the seriesAnyone wearing a tinfoil hat to prevent aliens from scanning your brain (throughout the whole movie) can win a free soda during intermission! Since the movies are unrated, it is up to parents to decide whether their young children should attend.

Upcoming double features:

Sept. 9: Wasp Woman. Attack of the Giant Leeches.

Sept. 16: Attack of the Puppet People. Teenage Zombies.

Sept. 23: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Grammera the Invincible.

Sept. 30: Little Shop of Horrors. Night of the Living Dead.

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